Interview with Elias Tobal

They found it fun to create and do something more practical to practice theory, plus they became more creative and had to think from someone else's perspective.
Elias Tobal


Värmdö municipality


Resource teacher

How did you discover Escaply and how do you use it?

I work as a resource teacher in a primary school with about 800 pupils. My role is mostly about finding creative ways for students to partly find motivation for education but also to develop their problem-solving skills.

In 2022, I was working with a colleague on a project for Halloween, after a long pandemic, our school felt that we needed to do something fun for all students, to strengthen group dynamics. We did some research and found Escaply who designed online escape rooms.

– Says Elias Tobal

What do your students think about Escaply and do you have any tips?

Examples include projects aimed at developing solving skills in a group or at an individual level, teaching projects where students construct different escape room tasks which are then combined into an escape room to practice for a test.

Students enjoyed creating and doing something more practical to practice theory, as well as becoming more creative and having to think from another’s perspective.

My tip: Try making an escape room with the purpose of practicing for a test, then let the children give feedback, make another one where the children decide the questions and tasks. This strengthens the sense of community. Tips are also to combine new platforms to create more life, such as clipchamp to make transition videos with voiceover.

– Elias Tobal concludes