Sigyn Dannemann - Lärare

Sigyn Dannemann

"I can see that the students are making an effort to complete the tasks. Since the games are timed, many want to place well and show how fast and skilled they are. "
Johannes Persson

Interview with Johannes Persson

"My students love Escaply - they get excited about the competition to solve the questions to get out of the rooms!"
Juan Gomez

Juan Gomez

"A simplification for us teachers to make escaperoom and the user experience is higher than what I worked in before."
Elias Tobal

Interview with Elias Tobal

"They found it fun to create and do something more practical to practice theory, as well as becoming more creative and having to think for themselves from another's perspective."
Jennifer Moudi Granberg

Interview with Jennifer M. Granberg

"It's a great tool that can transform your teaching and make it more interactive and fun."