Läsförståelse med Escaply

Reading comprehension with Escaply

We all know that developing students’ reading comprehension is one of the most fundamental aspects of education, as it not only improves their ability to understand and analyze text. In a world where text-based information is increasingly central, the ability to effectively interpret and reflect on read material is increasingly important.

However, research, the PISA survey and the Swedish Schools Inspectorate all show that many students do not read at all unless forced to, which in turn can affect their overall learning and success in both education and life.

Escaply harnesses the power of gamification to create a learning environment where students can immerse themselves in interactive stories and challenges that require critical thinking and detailed text analysis. By integrating reading comprehension exercises directly into the games, teachers can tailor lessons/moments that are both educational and entertaining.

You start by adding clues with a text that students have to read.
To advance in the game, students must carefully read the text, understand its meaning and answer questions that test their understanding.
Creating a game to promote reading comprehension in Escaply is quick and easy. Teachers can easily integrate texts adapted to the age and ability of their students to create a dynamic learning experience. This method gives students a unique opportunity to practice reading comprehension in a way that is both challenging and rewarding.
By transforming traditional reading tasks into interactive adventures, Escaply not only helps to increase interest in reading, but also helps to develop critical reading skills that are crucial to students’ success both in and out of the classroom.

It is as simple as that:

  1. Add a clue/hint

In the clue, you can either link to a web article (add link), write a text or add a document for students to read. Students can go back and read the article several times to answer the questions in the room.

Lägg till en ledtråd-hint
  1. Create questions

Then create questions based on the text that students will read. We currently have single choice, multiple choice and text questions – but we will soon be releasing more question types to make it even more versatile and engaging.

Skapa frågor
  1. Activate the task and let students start exploring:

When students encounter the clue with the document, they can interact with the text by highlighting, using already available tools such as “text to speech” and other resources.

Tips for combining digital and physical elements: Given the ongoing debate about whether students absorb information better digitally or from paper, you can offer the possibility to print the texts. Instead of a document, you can indicate – “Get the text from the teacher” in the clue. This introduces an additional interactive component where students have to stand up and actively retrieve the printed text, enhancing engagement even more!

Aktivera uppgiften och låt eleverna börja utforska

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