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Digital escape rooms are an exciting teaching method that engages students by combining the excitement and challenge of games with learning. They offer an active and engaging experience that stimulates both creativity and critical thinking. By integrating stories within the escape room concept, you can capture students’ attention at a deeper level.

An engaging story provides a coherent context to the problems to be solved, creating a greater sense of meaning behind the activities. It gives students a purpose to their learning and makes tasks more memorable.

Moreover, when students work together to “escape” the room, their cooperation and communication skills are enhanced, which are key skills in both school and life. Digital escape rooms are thus not only an engaging activity but also an effective educational method that can inspire and motivate students in many different ways.

Create a story in Escaply:

  1. Add intromedia. Under game details, you can add intromedia in the form of text, audio, video and documents.

The intro story is a powerful tool to evoke emotions and increase interest in the game/topic. When students can relate to the characters or events in the story, their motivation to participate in the activities increases. They become more engaged in solving questions and tasks because they feel a personal connection to the outcome of the story.

Tip, why not write a story on Chat-GPT and copy it?

  1. Add background/scene:

Set the scene for your adventure by choosing a suitable background. Use standard images or, for a more immersive experience, 360-degree images to increase interactivity. You can upload your own image, choosing freely from Pixabay.

Tip,Create a unique background with AI, for example through DALL-E, that matches the theme of the mission?

  1. Add transition and final story::

To maintain interest and create a sense of progression in the adventure, insert transitional media between different rooms or scenes. This not only encourages students to continue exploring the story but also gives them a sense of progress when they complete a stage.

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