Interview with Juan Gomez

It's a simplification for us teachers to make escape rooms, and the user experience is higher than what I've worked with before.
Juan Gomez


Rockneby School


Primary school teacher specializing in after-school care and sports and health.

How did you discover Escaply and how do you use it?

I have worked with digital Escaperoom for a while now via Google’s platforms and saw this on a Facebook page, which made me choose to test myself on it, at a closer look at the website, it was a simplification for us teachers to make escaperoom and the user experience is higher than what I worked in before.

– Says Juan Gomez

What do your students think about Escaply and do you have any tips?

Get out of school, With the theme of school. Students start in the basement of the school and have to get out of the school by solving the basement, the food room, the Swedish room, a corridor and a hallway. The age group for the questions is probably years 1-3. This was an activity for the after-school program to complement the school’s work with Swedish and mathematics.

Try the escaperoom and implement it in your teaching as I have seen how it attracts students very much and you as a teacher control what learning will take place. Tip: Make a test game where you show the passage in the game (in whole class, which you solve together) with about 2 rooms and some questions so that the students recognize it when they have to solve their own escaperoom.

– Concludes Jennifer M. Granberg