Interview with Johannes Persson

My students love Escaply - they get excited about the competitive aspect of solving the questions to get out of the rooms!
Johannes Persson


Innovitaskolan Visby


Swedish, mathematics, English and social studies


25 years

Can you share any specific lessons or topics where Escaply has been particularly effective and engaging for your students?

I think one of the great advantages of Escaply is that you can use it for all school subjects. I have done Escaperooms in social studies, Swedish, math and English and it works equally well in all subjects. I usually have it as a challenge at the end of different work areas to gather all the knowledge you have worked on. It also works well on different themes, such as for Christmas. I have also used it in a parent-teacher meeting where students have done the questions in an escape room that their parents had to solve.

– Says Johannes Persson

What do your students think?

My students love Escaply – they get excited about the competition to solve the questions to get out of the rooms!

– Says Johannes Persson

What would you recommend to other teachers who want to get started?

Start by using escape rooms that someone else has made before creating your own. This will give you inspiration and ideas on how to create your own rooms in the future.

– Says Johannes Persson

How have you seen Escaply influence students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills?

Students get to practice many skills when they solve an escape room in Escaply. Instead of just answering questions, they need to use their problem-solving skills to move forward but also their critical thinking skills. Another skill the students get to practice is their cooperation skills – when they do escape rooms together but also individually, they want to help each other out so that everyone solves the room. It also strengthens the sense of togetherness in the group!

– Concludes Johannes Persson