Escaply – Escape rooms that make learning fun and easy

The inspiration behind Escaply

Did you know that boredom can have a significant impact on students’ school performance?

Research shows that up to a third of students suffer from disengagement, which in turn can negatively affect their performance. At Escaply, we believe in the power of making learning both inspiring and exciting. It is our belief that this is key to promoting a positive learning experience and helping students achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

Our goal at Escaply is to support our beloved heroes – teachers and guardians – in their mission to inspire, engage and challenge students. We believe in the power of game-based learning as a means to make learning fun and meaningful.

The team behind Escaply

Escaply is a Swedish platform designed to create a sense of engagement and curiosity within and beyond the walls of the classroom. Our mission is to adapt to the unique needs and interests of our students, allowing them to be challenged in their own way.

We at Escaply are a passionate team of educators, developers and entrepreneurs. Our common drive is to contribute to school development and promote equal learning. Nothing makes us prouder than when we hear from you that “students were engaged and didn’t want to stop playing.”

Your participation is valuable

We see our work at Escaply as a collaboration with you, our users, who are also the real experts. We value your ideas and opinions and welcome suggestions for changes and improvements. Together we can make Escaply even better and more tailored to your needs.

Contact us with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions at [email protected]. We look forward to creating an even more inspiring and engaging learning experience with you and our heroes, teachers and students.