Play “Christmas is Stolen” and help Santa and the elves to find the presents in time!

Santa and the elves have just finished all the gifts they’ve been working on all year. In the morning, they walk into the workshop and realizes that all the gifts are gone! You must now help them follow the clues to find the gifts in time!

Escaply is a platform for teachers to create and share educational escape rooms. In this 4 part adventure the students need to solve different questions in order to save Christmas.

  • The Gifts are Stolen
    Someone has stolen all the Christmas gifts that Santa have been working on all the year. Help them find clues.
  • Follow the tracks
    You follow Santa and the elves into the forest until the tracks… disappear! Help Santa and the elves solve the clues to better understand who could have taken the gifts… Maybe you’ll find out in this episode?
  • Find the way into Mount Crumpit
    Santa and the elves have now reached Mount Crumpit, where the Grinch lives. Now they need your help to find a way into the mountain. Don’t forget that Christmas is coming soon… Time is running out!
  • Catch the Grinch
    Santa and the elves slowly enter the cave. It’s dark and spooky. They follow the evil laughs until suddenly they spot the Grinch and all the gifts. Now you must catch him before he escapes.

Grades 3-5 (Click on the link below to access the games)

Grades 5-9 (Click on the link below to access the games)

You can easily copy a game andchange the questions to better suit your class.

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